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About Us

Business Philosophy
We focus on providing creative and effective marketing solutions to mid-sized organizations poised for growth. Because we make it a point to integrate your strategic priorities, mission, and growth objectives into the quality deliverables we produce, we choose to partner with organizational leaders who understand the importance of thoughtful, strategic design and its overall impact on successful marketing outcomes.

At our core we may be tie-dyed, t-shirt wearing, brainstorming, hoop-jumping creatives. But, on top of that tie-dyed shirt, we still believe in a good ole’ fashioned pinstriped business philosophy. In our opinion, you can’t have one without the other. Creativity in a business suit -- it’s the perfect way to dress for strategic success.

Our Guiding Principles include:
•    Helping clients envision success through our cost-effective  business-creative model.
•    Nurturing and building the client’s knowledge base through ongoing communications
•    Integrating client business needs with creative execution / “umbrella needs”
•    Encouraging new thinking through a strong professional team of colleagues
•    Delivering measurable results

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